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The vision of Pondicherry Institute of Medical Sciences is to serve the community through holistic health services and an excellent system of education where we follow the defining principles of ethics, excellence, care and research, in line with PIMS motto “To reach the unreached”.


  • Provide excellent health services to the Community.
  • Provide quality education to our students to make them holistic health care providers, who will practice their profession with ethics, empathy, compassion & excellence.
  • Educate the community around us on how to prevent diseases and improve their quality of life with the available resources
  • Conduct excellent, ethical research which helps in enhancing the knowledge of diseases, its treatment and prevention.
  • We will achieve excellence in holistic care, education and research within the frame work of Christian ethical values.


    We, at P.I.M.S constantly endeavour

    • To serve those seeking our expertise with altruism, excellence, integrity and respect and to be accountable for all actions, no matter what jobs we are holding.
    • To educate our students to work as a team member, communicate well, apply the knowledge and ethical principles they have learnet and to deal compassionately with those seeking their help.
    • To follow ethical research practices that will benefit the community in curing and prevention of disease. To join hands with one another in the institute and with the outside world so that the research can benefit the community at large.
    • To conserve our resources and to follow all the principles of preserving our environment.

    We believe in working as team to provide excellence in patient care, education and research.






“Learn with Dignity and Serve with Loyalty”

The curriculum and the training here ensures that the tender feet are enabled to stand with dignity and commitment for the profession.


College of Nursing, Pondicherry Institute of Medical Sciences was established in 2004 as a private self financing institution with permission from the Government of Pondicherry for annual intake of 60 students No.17015/1/HS/2001 dated 28.05.04. College of Nursing is recognized by Indian Nursing council (File No.18 - 33/1678-INC dated 26.10.04) and Tamil Nadu Nurses and Midwives Council, Tamil Nadu. It is affiliated to Pondicherry University.

College of Nursing, PIMS is located 12 Kms from north of Pondicherry town, on the East Coast Road surrounded around 45 acres. The campus houses a 710 bedded teaching hospital along with the various support and ancillary facilities required and has a built up area of nearly 7.5 lakhs square feet.

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